Why PConline365?

We offer B2B purchasing deals

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Products & Prices 
We offer a variety of brand name computers with competitive pricing and huge inventory.

All our computers are covered by manufacturer’s warranty. Additional PConline365 extended warranty is also available.

PC Customization
We offer customization by request and we build PC to your satisfaction.

US-based Customer Service
US-based support team available 24/7, instant pricing, and expedited shipping (2-day delivery in most states).

Who We Are

As a leading computer distributor and authorized partner of Dell, HP, and Lenovo, PConline365 offers group and business discounts on all brand name computers. We prioritize speedy shipping and excellent US-based customer service. Call us today for computer customization, free 2-day shipping, competitive pricing of manufacture warranty and 1-year PConline365 extended warranty.

PConline365 Certificates & Partnership

CompTIA A+ Certification
CompTIA A+ is the Industry standard for IT support. To provide uncompromised professional services to our customer, the technicians at PConine365 are CompTIA A+ certified. When you are purchasing with us, you know you are in good hands!

Dell Technologies Authorized Reseller
PConline365 is proud to be the authorized reseller and Certified Gold Partner with Dell. Because of the time and efforts that we invest in the Dell Partner Program, we are granted with premium access to cutting-edge technology, training and support from Dell. With Dell Partner Program, we can constantly grow and boost our expertise to provide better service for our customers.

Dell TechDirect Certified Partner
To become the Dell TechDirect Certified Partner, our technicians have to pass several tests to get certified. We also have access to Dell Product details and specialist support. When you are purchasing with us, you can trust us to provide not only the best product, but also outstanding customer service.

HP Amplify Synergy Partner
HP has recognized PConline365 as an Amplify Synergy Partner. Our technicians are able to access official training resources and supports, so that we are better prepared for troubleshooting and solving both hardware and software issues of HP products

Authorized Lenovo Enterprise Reseller & Service Provider
PConline365 as an Authorized Lenovo Reseller and Authorized Service Provider, we provide our customers with a broad selection and the best availability of Lenovo products. Our Lenovo specialists are trained specifically for troubleshooting and repairing Lenovo products. We are dedicated to providing the best support and service.

Samsung Authorized Reseller
PConline365 is proud to be a Samsung authorized reseller. We have comprehensive access to the most up to date Samsung product information. Also, we receive continuous service updates from the Samsung support team. Our customers can be comfortable knowing we will be delivering the best product and service!